Finally an About page. I’ve had my blog for over a year now and I’m just now feeling like I have something to say for this.

About a year ago I woke up one morning with a bug up my ass to start a blog. I had no idea why suddenly I wanted to do it. So, that day I set up my wordpress account, got my nails done and blogged about them.

I have always been extremely into the fashion scene, as much as I can be. Ever since I was a kid I have dreamed about being a successful fashion designer in New York City, so I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, style, design, and the art of the story behind the clothes, style and design. I love all aspects of it. The day I just woke up and decided to start my blog, I thought to myself, “why not? I dress cute almost every day, I know the trends, I have my own style and I talk about fashion and lifestyle things with my friends every day, so I should just do it.”

And I did.