At Home Teeth Whitening… Smile Brilliant

I teamed up with Smile Brilliant you guys! Since I love coffee and wine, which are both known for staining your teeth horribly, I was so pumped to be teaming up with these guys. We all know whitening can be expensive and painful as hell, but as corny as it sounds, Smile Brilliant isn’t that bad. There a few packages but on the packages range from $149-$189 depending on your sensitivity level or how much whitening you need to do. Not gonna lie though, it is uncomfortable. I have the T6 sensitive system and it’s not painful just uncomfortable like I said before unless you get it on your gums. Then it hurts like a bitch and turns your gums white for a while. So try not to do that. To be honest, I suck at remembering to whiten. In the mornings I sip on my coffee for a couple hours and then it’s time for lunch and so whitening just seems to fall to the wayside and forget about night time whitening! Let’s be real, that’s wine time! Annnd all of this is why I need whitening! Ha. However, the amazing part about this smile brilliant brand is that you don’t need to whiten every single day for two weeks to see a difference. I whitened for three days in a row for about an hour each time and bam! My boyfriend, my mom, and a couple friends noticed. It’s amazing. You can whiten for up to three hours at a time if you’d like. I haven’t tried more than an hour because of how uncomfortable it is and plus who has three hours to have whitening trays in? Not me. So, enough of me bragging about how it works and why I like it.It’s also just really simple. It comes with two impression trays and two clays that you mix to make the mold. You have a minute to mix the blue and white clay together and put it in the tray evenly. Once it’s evenly in the tray you put it in your mouth and bite down for another little bit. (Forgive me, I don’t remember how long but it’s not more than a couple minutes) Then you send the molds to Smile Brilliant, and don’t worry, they already paid for shipping and the envelope is included. Sending them back is easy and in about a week you get your custom-fitted trays back. Once you get them back you’re good to go! In the original package you get, the whitening and the desensitizing gel is already included. EASY. PEASY. Time to whiten!!! Anyrate, I love how simple it is and how well it works.Before: After- 4 syringes down, still have 2 whole syringes left! (Forgive me and my iPhone selfies).So I am doing a giveaway!!! Starting now!!! All you have to do is check out this link and enter your email. You have two weeks from today to enter in and I’ll be announcing a winner. Also…If you do not win, I have a discount code for ya!!!For 15% off. Here is link for the giveaway and the discount code is: marchiney15 (at checkout) Xoxo Zoey
Tooth Whitening Gel

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