School started back up! Unlv resumed classes yesterday, now that’s what I’m going to be doing with most of my days. 

I’m an honor student but I’m one of the worst honor students. I procrastinate hard core, I never go to class and I don’t usually try very hard. 

However, I still do well. Ha! 

When I’m in school I only use one brand of notebooks and planners

I use Moleskine. I love love love their products. There was a study that using yellow paper helps you remember things you write down on it and moleskine paper is a cream, yellowy color. But the paper is nice, they’re thin and durable. They have pockets in the back and the last pages are perforated for easy tear. 

The planners are leather and just amazing! I don’t even know how to explain them. They come with some stickers they have weekly and monthly layouts, and hardcover or soft cover (that’s what I use). 

I just love this brand. They do the job well plus all the stuff is minimalistic, which I love. 


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  1. Your dedication to this blog is beyond impressive. Nice job!

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