Wine Nails…

(When they’re warm they’re bright red) 

(When they’re cold they turn a dark wine red color. My hands were freezing earlier and the nails were completely wine red and now I can’t seem to cool my hands down enough for the picture. So this shows them starting to change color)

I’m loving this nail trend. I went today just to get my nails re-done and change the color to a basic red. 

But, my fav nail lady Jen told me about this color that changes with heat. It just changes shades. I wasn’t sure I’d like it so she put it on an acrylic and showed me.

So I went for it. It’s playful and I love it. 

I actually txted a guy friend today and asked him what he thought about girls having their nails done. Ha! I asked him if he cared or not, and if he did what he liked color wise. He just said he likes when girls have their nails done but some definitely don’t. Same goes with some guys likeing their girls all made up and some like girls with hardly any make up. 

But he said he likes it when girls show their personality through that stuff. 

I just thought it was interesting to see what a guy thought, even though I do my nails any which way I please. Lol. 

But this trend is seriously so cool. Remember those mood rings that were around in the early 2000’s? That’s what these nails remind me of but for adults! Lol. 

Anyrate, if you’re like me and struggle to pick a nail color I recommend the changing color! It’s fun! 


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  1. Oh my gosh, I always loved those mood rings, but mine never seemed to work 😛 Haha.


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