Blue Velvet…

If you know me, then you know I love velvet. I have a velvet dress, velvet heels, and now these velvet boots

I think velvet is so edgy and sexy at once. It’s just one of my favorites along with leather. 😉 

But, this is also a trend right now. A bunch of brands are coming out with velvet booties that are tight on the ankle and they happen to all have a deep blue color option. Velvet is in right now, and especially on shoes. 

Mine are from Nordstrom Rack! And they are Report. Now, I’ve never heard of this brand before but so far they’re good. I wore these shoes yesterday outside of work to break ’em in a little and they were cozy. 

The ONLY issue I’ve noticed is the tongue wants to slide to one side! So, today I’m playing with a new trick to keep them in place. If it works I’ll let you know the trick. 


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