Flowers & Handbags 

Today was fun!

We went to Pikes Place Market and got some delicious food, lovely flowers, and thanksgiving dinner ingredients. 

It was classic Seattle weather. With a bit of wind, a bit of rain, and a bit of sun peaked through at the end that lead to some stellar lighting. Haha. 

It was nice to get outside and look all around while eating some indulgent food. 

Then tonight my family has a Huge party we call “Pie Night” where everyone gets real wild and the aunts bake a bunch of pies. 

It is probably my favorite night of the entire year. It’s so much fun to spend some good time with the fam and friends. 

Pie night is tradition. 

Outfit Details

Jacket: Barney’s New York wool coat, Booties: Steve Madden (THE ONES I HAD ARE NOW ON SALE!), Scarf: It was a gift so here’s something similar, Jeans: DKNY, Shirt: (which you can’t see because of the cost) is super cute off the shoulder and from H&M, Bag: Chloé Dupe 


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